Fish Games

Dive Into the Ocean for Massive Winnings

Fish Game such as Ocean Bombard and Ultimate Dragon is a passport to the world of aquatic creatures and their treasures. This Fish game offers a visually appealing design as well as a wealth of bonus features and multiplier potential. The game is a skill-based game with the possibility of large payouts.


About Ocean Bombard Game

The Ocean Bombard game is one of the most popular and thrilling type of fishing games developed by CosmoSlots USA, as they provide players with a bonus game, rewards, and jackpots; it is also an online game, so you can play in the comfort of your own home. Prepare to shoot fish, sharks, and stingrays to reveal big rewards. At CosmoSlots USA, you’ll love the fascinating undersea adventure theme.

The Fish game will include numerous little and large fish on a table with an aquatic backdrop. Shooting and killing fish is always fun. This game features two bonus games: (1) the Wheel of Fortune Bonus Game and (2) the Treasure Bonanza Bonus Game. It is the most popular online gambling fish game, and it is also a lot of fun to play. There’s definitely some talent engaged here, which adds to the excitement. So don’t pass up your chance to win in the Ocean Bombard fish game.

Wheel of Fortune & Treasure Bonanza Game

  • The player must hit and destroy the wheel icon to start the wheel spin bonus game.
  • The wheel is separated into two sections: the inner and outer wheels.
  • The inner wheel has 12 reward slots with two types of payouts (Tokens and Free Bullets), and the outer wheel has a multiplier.
  • The spin button will be located in the center of the wheel, and the player will only have one chance to spin.
  • The inner wheel starts spinning when the player clicks the spin button. When you come to a complete halt, the outer wheels spin.
  • Any winners from the inner wheel will be multiplied by the multiplier from the outer wheel.
  • The player must hit and destroy the treasure bonus icon to begin the bonus game.
  • 5 treasure boxes will be placed beneath the water.
  • To open the box, the player must tap on it. Only one box will be opened during a bonus game session.

About Ultimate Dragon Game

The Ultimate Dragon will be an underwater country ruled by a mermaid. Sea animals, aquatic vegetation, and other critters adorn the entire underwater environment. This game with a dragon theme brings you to a magical and fairytale realm. You will be able to experience this magnificent world of these creatures and get an incredible reward at CosmoSlots USA.

The Ultimate Dragon Fish game has made famous ocean aquatic species that you might not have seen in real life. You may discover the world of underwater creatures from the comfort of your own home with the help of CosmoSlots USA. The tunes and sounds of the game provide the sense that the player is in the deep waters of fish hunting. To increase your chances of winning from the Ultimate Dragon, use all of the weapons available in the game to kill as many fish and other marine creatures as possible.