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Calling all Keno players! CosmoSlots USA welcomes you to a world of fun and excitement. Choose your lucky numbers and start playing to win in games such as Wilde Keno and BallFire Keno.


About Wild Keno Game

Wild Keno is a simple online casino game that requires no skill and is entirely dependent on chance and luck. Wild keno is similar to a lottery game available in all other casinos, but the differentiating element of this Keno Game is that it combines a bonus game within the game that provides the player with greater prizes than other keno games available at other online casinos websites.

This Wild Keno game is located in the lush green jungle, and it is unlike any other Keno game, complete with a bonus game designed to maximize your wins! The kingdom of wealth completely engulfs you, while the deep jungle theme transports you to a world of extremes! So, have some fun and play with CosmoSlots USA.

Special characteristics of Wild Keno Game

  • Winnings are allocated in accordance with the Paytable based on the number matches between the player’s selection and the numbers drawn.
  • To encourage players to Spin More, CosmoSlots USA offers a welcome bonus. CosmoSlots USA also provides rewards, jackpot prizes, Happy Hour, and a variety of additional benefits to their players.
  • In a bonus game, the tokens earned during the first opportunity are multiplied by the multiplier earned during the second chance.
  • The number will be drawn at random from a pool of 80 numbers on the board.
  • The player will have two chances to spin the wheel and win prizes in a bonus game.
  • Players can choose up to ten numbers from the 80 numbers.

About BallFire Keno Game

Classic Keno is good, but why not try something new? CosmoSlots brought you an alternative that will bring you extra fun and adventure with each spin, if you want to take your keno game to the next level. You know it’s a fun, exciting, and thrilling keno game. Ballfire Keno takes the popular game to a new degree of difficulty.

In the online casino game Ballfire Keno, players select specific numbers to wager on and are paid if those numbers are selected at random as hits. Despite the fact that it is largely a chance game with little payouts, there are a few strategies that can help you win more frequently. Set a budget, choose higher-paying lounges, bet on fewer numbers, and hunt for progressive fireball spins to play to increase your potential rewards.


Bird's Eye View

Ballfire Keno is a traditional keno game, which means it adheres to regular keno rules. Ballfire Keno, like most other games of its kind, offers 80 numbers and lets players choose 10 of them during each gaming session. The amount of money bet and the quantity of numbers drawn determine the game’s winnings.

If you enjoy bingo-style action in general, we believe this game is a good choice due to the subtle twists and appealing user interface, making it one of the better selections in this genre. Even if this isn’t normally your cup of tea, you could find it calming towards the end of a long session.