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About Power of Scarab

Scarab power is a word used to describe ancient Egyptian civilization. In this online slot game, we’ll talk about a flourishing Egyptian civilization that left a rich cultural legacy that has captivated people throughout history. This civilization is well-known for its pyramids, pharaohs, mummies, and tombs, all of which date back thousands of years. It is a popular theme in many different types of games.

Power of Scarab contains a skill-based bonus game in which Artifacts are concealed in gold heaps in the background. To find the items, some locations will be indicated in the backdrop, and the player must click on the relevant area. When the player taps particular locations, the trowel will dig the gold pile to uncover the hidden relics. Each artifact has a set of values. When an object is discovered, it will glow. Once a player discovers an artifact, they must choose the total number of artifacts as the objects, the total number of a player choose the total number of artifacts. To earn the game token prize, the player must click the collect button.

About Mystery of AZTEC

The Aztec slot game is based on the Aztec culture, which existed in the 15th and early 16th centuries and ruled a vast territory that is today known as Central and Southern Mexico. The game’s theme and characters depict the sense of living in the Aztec culture. If you enjoy mysteries and thrillers, or if you want to play them on your own, this is the game for you. You’ve landed on the ideal platform.

Mystery of Aztec is a themed slot machine game with gems, jewels, adventures, and treasure searching. The layout of the game is based on a dark theme surrounded by a rainforest. Furthermore, the golden reels are captivating and add to the game’s appeal. Every slot and symbol in this game is unique and serves a purpose in the game.

About Legacy of Machu Pichu

The Legacy of Machu Picchu slot theme is inspired by the Inca Empire, which originated in the Peruvian highlands/Peru in the early 13th century. The Spanish began conquering the Inca Empire in 1532, and its last bastion was taken in 1572. As a result, slot symbols, backdrop graphics, and feature games in our game Legacy of Machu Picchu can be based on that time.

The Inca Empire first arose in the Peruvian mountains, and The Legacy of Machu Picchu takes you back to its rule during that time. Players can explore the empire and its culture around a virtual gaming table that has been set up for them. By obtaining significant rewards, you can become the King of your game. The best icons and symbols were used in this game’s design, which hypnotizes players into using their skills to win. Let’s travel back in time to the time of Machu Picchu and rediscover their culture with amusement, fun, and a never-ending winning attitude.